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Creel Hearing Center carries the latest technology from the top hearing aid manufacturers including Oticon, Signia (formerly Siemens), Phonak, and Widex.  We believe carrying products from more than 1 manufacturer is vital to meet your needs.

We fit custom in-the-ear hearing aids as well as behind-the-ear hearing aids.

The hearing industry is rapidly advancing along with the computer industry.  New developments include faster sound sampling, rechargeability, direct to iPhone compatibility, and Bluetooth streaming.

Visit us for a hearing consultation.  We will discuss your hearing needs, concerns, and preferences.  Together, we can select a product that best fits you.


Oticon OPN includes impressive technology to hear better in noise.  The majority of our patients who have tried OPN have reported positive benefits. The OPN’s processing speed allows for a clear and balanced sound.  Consider this product if you want to hear better in difficult listening environments. It is available in 3 technology levels to accommodate different needs and budgets. Additionally, it is a “made for iPhone product” with wireless Bluetooth streaming for the iPhone and television.
Oticon OPN balances sound 360 degrees around you rather than relying upon directional processing.  It samples sound over 100 times/second with 200 million operations per second (MOPS).  OPN has 50 times the processing capability as Oticon’s previous model.
OPN offers a choice of either disposable or rechargeable batteries.  The rechargeable option uses ZPower silver-zinc batteries which are energy efficient, non-flammable, and recyclable.
Visit Oticon’s website for a complete listing of their products that include both in-the-ear and behind-the-ear options.
Call us to schedule an appointment for an in-office demonstration.

SIGNIA (Formerly Siemens)

Signia Styletto is a sleek lithium-ion rechargeable aid. It includes a charger to take on-the-go. Available in 3 modern colors.

Visit Signia’s website for a complete listing of their products.

Signia Nx is the newest model available offering “own voice technology” to reduce the common complaint of hearing your own voice. It improves listening by using amplification, directional microphones, and noise reduction. Wireless Bluetooth streaming is available.  Some styles are “made for iPhone.” Signia Cellion is a rechargeable style.  It uses lithium ion battery that allows for 24 hours of use on a single 3 hour charge.

Signia Silk is a discreet in-the-ear product.  It does not require ear impressions.  It fits into the ear canal using soft sleeves that are available in 3 sizes.  Many patients have found it to be an excellent discreet option that is also comfortable.

Visit Signia’s website for a complete listing of their products.


Phonak has launched The Marvel, with a new level of sound quality, direct connectivity to IOS and Android as well as virtually all Bluetooth devices, hands-free phone use, rechargeability, with a full day of streaming, and apps that feature remote fine-tuning and a live voice-to-text transcription.

The Phonak Belong model uses Autosense to adapt to different listening environments.  There are direct Bluetooth wireless options available.  It is available in a rechargeable option using a lithium ion battery that lasts for 24 hours on a single charge.

The Phonak Virto-B titanium is a discreet in-the-ear hearing aid.  The titanium shell is made using a 3D printer.  The titanium’s thin shell allows for additional space to accommodate powerful amplifiers and larga air vents.  If you are looking for an invisible hearing device, then this may be a product to discuss.

The Phonak Lyric is an extended wear hearing device for those with a mild to moderate hearing loss.  It is inserted deeply into the ear by an audiologist and worn continuously for 4-10 weeks.  It uses analog technology to allow for the extended battery life.  It is purchased on a subscription basis each year.  There are 6 sizes ranging from XXS to XXL to accommodate a variety of ear canal sizes.

Phonak Cros/Bicros is a device for patients with no usable hearing in one ear.  The arrangement requires the patient to wear two hearing devices: a transmitter on the poorer ear and a hearing instrument on the better ear.  The transmitter sends the sound from the poorer ear to the better ear, enabling the patient to hear sounds from the poorer side.

Visit the Phonak website for a complete listing of their products.


Infants, children, and teens have different needs compared to adults.

Each of the top hearing aid manufacturers offer pediatric products that range from traditional behind-the-ear with a custom earmold to smaller receiver-in-the-ear products.  Product selection depends upon the child’s age, hearing loss, needs, and preferences.  Options include pediatric fitting algorithms within software, battery door locks, smaller earhooks, multiple colors, low battery SMS/Text notifications to the parent’s phone, FM compatibility, wireless Bluetooth features, and “made for iPhone” access, etc.

If you are interested in bringing your child or young adult to our clinic, please feel free to schedule a consult.  We would love to work with your family to select the best product.

Our test booths are set up for pediatric testing.  We validate our fittings using real ear measurements to ensure the hearing aids are set appropriately and safely.