February Promotion: Would You Benefit from Better Batteries?

Today's hearing aids work best using quality batteries.  For the month of February, we are offering a 35% discount on our Rayovac Advanced Proline hearing aid batteries if you mention this post.  Take this opportunity to hear the difference in battery quality. Hearing aids are not simple amplifiers, but rather complex computerized technology.  Today's [...]

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Holiday Promotion: Hear Better for the Holidays

Sleigh bells ring, Are you Listening...... The holiday season is filled with delightful sounds including music, fire crackling and festive parties.  Give yourself the gift of hearing better during this holiday season and into the New Year. As our gift to you, Creel Hearing Center is giving a complimentary TV adaptor with new hearing [...]

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Creel Hearing Center donates to Cancer Crusaders during the month of October

Creel Hearing Center will once again donate $100 of every hearing aid purchase to Cancer Crusaders during the month of October!   Cancer Crusaders honored  Mrs. Creel during 2015 for her fight with breast cancer. In addition, many of our patients and their families are impacted by cancer every year. Cancer Crusaders was founded in [...]

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