February Promotion: Would You Benefit from Better Batteries?

Today’s hearing aids work best using quality batteries.  For the month of February, we are offering a 35% discount on our Rayovac Advanced Proline hearing aid batteries if you mention this post.  Take this opportunity to hear the difference in battery quality.

Hearing aids are not simple amplifiers, but rather complex computerized technology.  Today’s hearing aids are constantly monitoring sound and rapidly processing to give you the best opportunity to hear speech.  The degree or severity of hearing loss impacts battery life as more severe hearing losses require more power.  Many hearing aids work as a system rather than as two separate devices thus requiring more energy to work together.  Bluetooth wireless streaming further increases energy demands.  A quality battery supports your hearing aids with a steady power supply allowing your hearing aids to perform optimally.

We believe it is worth investing in quality batteries for your hearing aids to obtain optimal benefit.  Most quality batteries cost approximately $1.00 each.

When people use less expensive hearing aid batteries, we typically hear complaints that their hearing aids are intermittent, fluctuating in sound, powering on/off and the battery does not last for the expected duration.  Many people are surprised when these problems are resolved by using a better battery.

It is recommended that you do the following to achieve the best results from your batteries:

  1. Keep the batteries in the original pack with the sticker in place until ready to use.
  2. Store the batteries at room temperature.  For example, do not store batteries in your automobile.
  3. Allow the battery to “breathe” for 1 minute after your remove the sticker before you put the battery into your hearing aid.
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