Creel Hearing Center donates to Cancer Crusaders during the month of October

Creel Hearing Center will once again donate $100 of every hearing aid purchase to Cancer Crusaders during the month of October!  

Cancer Crusaders honored  Mrs. Creel during 2015 for her fight with breast cancer. In addition, many of our patients and their families are impacted by cancer every year.

Cancer Crusaders was founded in 1976 and incorporated in 1978 for the purpose of raising funds for the cancer research in the New Orleans area. Cancer Crusaders, Inc. is a non-profit, all volunteer organization with no administrative overhead, and it is not affiliated with any other cancer fund-raising organization.

Proceeds raised by the organization are donated annually to the Tulane University and Louisiana State University medical schools in New Orleans for the express purpose of  Cancer Research. Since 1978 these proceeds, which are in excess of $3,000,000, have helped these institutions complete worthwhile studies and begin data collection on possible theories that seek to unravel the complexities of cancer.

Creel Hearing Center donated $1700 to Cancer Crusaders in 2016.  We hope to donate even more this year!

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